Custom Mastering

Our professional Video and Sound engineers are able to take your source/master and give it the competitive quality edge that is necessary in today’s market place.

Quality just doesn’t happen on a sound or video master.  It requires qualified technicians, like we have, to bring out the full potential of any recording.  This is why special mastering procedures are absolutely necessary to obtain the full benefit that your source/master has to offer.

A mastering technician is able to address such things as:

- Increase overall volume levels

- Clarity and punch that may be missing

- Balance EQ

- Consistent volume from song to song

- Correct minor mix deficiencies with equalization

- Enhance flow by changing the space between tracks

- Eliminate noises between tracks

When a CD Audio or DVD-Video master is submitted for manufacturing product, include a printout of everything (including times), on the supplied source/master and the sequence of programs for final product.

An audio or DVD video proof will be given to the customer for approval before going to final production.